And then he raced across the city!...looking for a room.

I'm in the market for a long-term (12+ months), unfurnished room or flat for rent from July or August 2019. I arrived in Berlin 2.5 years ago by way of Prague, Istanbul, Cape Town, Accra, San Francisco, and Atlanta. I currently spend most of my time working and studying here in the city.

Nationality: American

Age: Old soul (30)

Education: Bachelors in History from Stanford University, Currently completing a Masters program at Freie Universität

Profession ($$$): Business development / Project management / Freelance design

Profession (♡): Researcher and visual artist working in various mediums, exploring histories & myths, images & text.

Hobbies: I spend most of my spare time on my artistic practice, researching and producing. Otherwise, I like to visit galleries/ exhibitions/ museums, read, ride bikes or motorcycles and play basketball.

Vices: Occasional drinker. Occasional smoker.

Virtues: Easy going and uncomplicated...unless you dig deep, at which point I'm sure I'm only human. I always replace the toilet roll.

WG-Life: The occasional house party is always fun, but I'm looking for a more reserved flat. Purpose WG's are fine depending on the group. I usually get along well with thoughtful and creative types. Cooking and conversation is always a good place to start.